Shawnee Ice Hockey - Spring '16/17 Registration

If you are not registered with USA Hockey, please go to, look for the player registration section and complete the form.  They will issue you a number which we need on our registration form.  Please note that the So. Jersey high school form is only required for high school players.  Please mail registration forms & payments to Shawnee Ice Hockey, P.O. Box 66, Medford, NJ  08055.  The South Jersey High School Ice Hockey form is only required for those playing Varsity or JV hockey.

Forms can be downloaded here.

The spring season is 1 practice, 10 games, and playoffs.  We anticipate having 2 high school teams and 3 middle school teams.

The season runs from mid-April to late June.  Most middle school games are on weekends although there may be a few games on weeknights depending on the schedules.  High school games are held on weeknights.  We should know our practice dates in the next week or so which will be held prior to the 1st games.

All new players need to order uniform items.  Middle School requires white jersey & white socks, while high school players are required to order blue jerseys, blue socks, white jerseys, and white socks.  Navy blue shells are also available.  Jersey numbers must be selected prior to ordering uniforms.  The updated uniform number listing can be found here.  Please email me with your number selection which will be first come, first serve.  Our uniform supplier is A&S Screen Printing in Cinnaminson, NJ.  Our contact is Noelle McGuire  ALL ORDERS ARE PLACED AND PAID FOR WITH A&S SCREEN PRINTING.  A&S contact information:

MaryBridget Enterprises
A&S Screen Printing
2305 Garry Rd, Ste B
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077
Phone # 609-267-4830
Fax # 609-267-9571

Spring pricing will stay the same:
Youth and adult s-xl white jersey – 84.00 each
Youth and adult s-xl blue jersey – 74.00 each
Youth and adult s-xl shell – 44.00 each
Socks – 18.00 each
*Additional costs for anything over adult XL

This year’s cost to play is $275 for high school and $250 for middle school.  All 8th graders that will be entering high school in September must play at the high school level.  4th graders entering 5th grade this September may also play with our middle school teams.  There are no exceptions to these rules.  

Spring Middle School Payment

Player Name
Spring High School Payment

Player Name

This is a great opportunity to have some fun and extended playing time before breaking for the summer.  Our goal is also to give our kids a chance to work together so that once the fall season starts, we’ll be that much more familiar with everyone.  Teams that stay together for multiple seasons generally will play better together the longer they play.  We would like to have as many spring players as possible also play with us in the fall.  We will have a fall tryout in mid-June.

Any questions, please call me at 609-313-0761 or email me at