Fall Registration is now open

Our fall Registration is now officially open.  With the addition of making registration payments through PayPal this past spring, registration fees can be paid online using the Paypal link. 


For the fall season, all Shawnee students who will be in  9th through 12th grades in September 2017 are eligible to play high school hockey.

Students entering 5th thru 8th grade this September and attending a Shawnee district sending school are eligible to play Middle School.  For middle school, we may also roster out of district players if the town they reside in does not have a middle school team (see next paragraph).  There are 20 games plus playoffs (if eligible), and approximately 23 practices during the fall season.

The Middle School League Commissioner has indicated that they will be enforcing the in-district playing policy, similar to what the high school league does.  If you live in an area that has a middle school team, you will be required to play for that team.   Some high school towns join together to ensure having a complete roster.  An example is HLV which is comprised of players from Holy Cross, Lenape, and Rancocas Valley sending districts.   Riverfront is comprised of players from various towns along the Delaware River.  If a player does not fall into a particular district, we must get approval from the league for that player to play for us.  HLV is also an example of a sending district that does not field middle school teams.  With this, a player from say, Mt. Laurel, would be able to play for our middle school teams.  Goalies are another possible exception as some clubs may end up with too many goalies, while others not enough…similar to what we have experienced at the middle school and high school level the last couple of years. When this happens, a club with too many goalies can approve to release a player to play for a club that is short on goalies  This has to be approved by both teams and the Commissioner.  

For those middle school out of district players who have played with us the last couple of years and do not have an in-district team, please let me know if you would like to continue playing with our club and I will start the process of getting approval from the league for this fall.  I acknowledge that some of you have already contacted me on doing this.

As I mentioned in my email last week, we are instituting a payment schedule for the new season.  The registration has payment due dates that spread out the fall season fees over a 3 month period from today and will ensure that all registration fees are paid before the first practices and games.  We strongly suggest that you make payments when they are due so as not to get to September owing the entire amount. Any player who does not have their registration fees paid by 9/15 will be unable to participate in practices or games.  If any club member wishes to propose an alternate payment plan due to a hardship, this plan must be submitted in writing and approved by the Board. 

The payment schedule is as follows and we are happy to report that the fall fees will be the same amounts that we charged last season>>>


$100 minimum payment due with registration - no registration accepted without this payment.
$335 due 7/15
$335 due 8/15
$330 due 9/15

$100 minimum payment due with registration – no registration accepted without this payment.
$285 due 7/15
$285 due 8/15
$280 due 9/15

Player Name

We also are following the USA Hockey policy regarding registration fees guidelines and are including this on our registration form:

 (3) Financial Responsibility. No player from any USA Hockey Affiliate may register or participate on a team within the Atlantic Affiliate if such player owes any financial obligation, including, unreturned equipment, to any previous team or organization registered within any USA Hockey Affiliate or District.
(a) Each organization should put in their contract that the person signing the contract agrees to be bound by this Article regarding Player Eligibility and releases and appeals. All payment plans are to have a final date. Suggest that all payment plans have an end date of January 1. If not paid in full by February 1, the player’s name is placed on the Financial Outstanding list and player cannot play for the rest of the season for that team. No name may be placed on the Financial Outstanding list after February 15. 
(b) After February 15, the Atlantic Affiliate will compile a list of all registered Affiliate players who are claimed to owe an outstanding financial obligation by their previous Atlantic Affiliate team or organization. No player whose name appears on the outstanding financial list shall be rostered with another Atlantic Affiliate team (regardless of youth or adult) until the outstanding financial obligation has been discharged or satisfied to the satisfaction of the club or permission is given by the Affiliate, respective league or club. AAHA RULES AND REGULATIONS 2017-2018 SEASON  
(c) Any player who is denied a release after having been notified has the right to the review and appeal of such denial in accordance with the provisions of this rule and Article Affiliate’s Rules and Regulations.

While we prefer online forms submission/payments, forms and check payments may still be submitted to our P.O. Box:
Shawnee Ice Hockey Club
P.O. Box 66
Medford, NJ 08055

Registration Documents:
All forms are located on the forms page including:

Fall 2017/2018 Registration – Parent/Guardian must sign page 2 USA Hockey Policy
Code of Conduct
Consent to Treat
Sponsor Thank You (if needed)
Web Ad Sponsor (if needed)

USA Hockey Registration for the 2017 & 2018 season:
USA Hockey Registrations acquired last fall must be updated as they expire in August 2017 and therefore will not be valid this fall.  This registration needs to be completed through USA Hockey at the time of registration.  Go to  www.usahockey.com  and look under the “registration” tab.
If you know of anyone that may be interested in playing Ice Hockey for Shawnee in the Fall, please forward my contact information to them or let me know.   

Parents/Guardians must contact A&S Screen Printing to order uniform items (middle school: white jersey, white socks, & navy shell) (high school: white jersey and blue jersey, white socks and blue socks, navy shell).  Please contact:

A & S Screen Printing (Marybridget Enterprises) – Noelle McGuire   noellem@asemb.com   609-267-4830

2305 Garry Rd, Suite B
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

All uniform items being ordered, picked up, or exchanged must be done by parents/guardians directly through A&S Screen Printing.  All uniform payments must be made between you and A&S Screen Printing.  The club will not be involved in ordering, paying, exchanging, or picking up uniform items.

Any new player or existing player that wishes to change their uniform number must request an available uniform number before ordering uniforms.  Email me at rwesparker@gmail.com to choose a number.  Obviously, this is done on a “first come, first serve” basis.  I must be contacted for issuing a number to avoid duplicate numbers being ordered.

The Board is looking at ordering practice style jerseys similar to what we ordered this spring for all fall season players.  These will be exclusively used for practices and will not be a substitute for official game jerseys.

Coaching/Team Managers:

If anyone is interested in coaching or being a team manager this fall, please email me with your interest to coach or manage, along with any coaching credentials you may already have.

Have a safe, great summer and if anyone has any questions about the fall, please feel free to email or call me.

Ray Parker
Coaching Coordinator/Board Member   609-313-0761